A - a

a-   gram; case. possessive marker (third-person singular); genitive; definite; dependent; objective.

-a   gram. dependent; negative converb.

a-   pers. first-person plural (subject, first part of circumfix). Variant: aʔ-; ə-.

-a   case. genitive. Variant: ; -na.

a-   pers. second-person plural (subject). Variant: á-; -e; -ey.

-a   gram. masculine.

ab   n. vegetable (combining form).

ab   v:tr. shell; take the seeds out of the pods; fit; be fit.

abadaː   v. prepare broth.

abaeː   v:tr. cause to happen; move; rouse; make erect; raise; string the bow.

abakoːl   v. fix a handle.

abamdaŋ   v. hear (causative); inform; proclaim; notify; address.

abanʝeːŋ   v. walk (causative); lead someone in walking; help someone in walking.

abapeŋ   v. make one float.

abarikkaː   v. make something empty; vacate; annihilate.

abarpad   v. cause to straddle.

abasuː   v. lessen; reduce; abate.

abasuː   v. cause pain; produce fever.

abaʝaʝ   v. stir up fire.

abbarab   v. provoke; offend; affront.

abbomuŋ   v. be astonished; startle.

abboʝdoːŋ   v. bend the body; fold the body while sleeping.

abbʊruːtam   v. pout.

abbʔeː   v. fill ones stomach; be satisfied.

abbʔobbʔoːb   v. keep something under ones head as a pillow.

abdaçuː   v. brandish.

abdaʝ̥   v. make one ascend; promote.

abdedded   v. shake ones head; indicate disapproval. Variant: abdeddedboːb.

abder   v:intr; v:tr. lean against something; set something against something.

abderder   v. persuade; assure; convince; cheat; delude.

abdeː   v. lift; raise.

abdid   v:tr. repay; return; restore.

abdimmad   v. sleep; put on bed.

abdimmaddaːreːn   n. soporific.

abdiŋdiŋ   v. delay; keep one waiting.

abdoʝ̥   v. suspend.

abdurdəm   v:intr. evade.

abeŋ   v. fly.

abeŋdaː   v. cause to float; cause to swim.

abeːlaːi   v. remove the bad effect of evil eye; disenchant; break a spell by uttering some counter-spell; break a spell by doing some act recommended by the priest.

abgiddəm   v. show oneself.

abhajaː   v. hasten; trouble; vex.

abiraːbdəm   v. be willing; be pleased.

abisum   v. make one take a liking for something; attract; allure.

abɪʝʝaː   v. cause the disappearance of; remove; annihilate.

abçaːmpəraːboːblen   adj. with disheveled hair.

abçer   v. cause to go; return; send back.

abçergab   v. chew the cud.

abçernaː   v. go back.

abçernaːi   v. come back.

abçeːl   v. cover up closely by pressing the earth.

abçeːlʝaːŋən   n. part of the funeral ceremonies; burial of the bones collected after the dead body has been cremated.

abçoŋçoŋ   v. cause to put in.

abkub   v. press firmly. Variant: akkub.

abkʔuːtam   v. make the mouth like a bottle gourd.

ablaggo   v. save: lay by.

ablatti   v. cause to become soft like paste.

ablʔeːm   v. cause to be digested; assimilate.

abmannaːsaː   v. attract the mind. Variant: ammannaː.

abmʔoːɲ   v:tr. please; fascinate.

abɲaː   v:tr. get trodden.

abobsi   n. thumb. Variant: əboːbsiːn.

abomukaːn   adj. having intimate friendship.

abomuŋ   adv. accidently; suddenly.

aboroːl   v. set up watch over.

abpepeː   v. cause to leak.

abpuddəm   v. rebound; spring back.

abramoʝ   v. cause to drop.

abrapey   v. cause to tear. Variant: arrapey; adrapey; rappey.

abridaŋ   v. bring down; pull down.

abriʝ   v. come fast.

abrowitaːd   adv. immediately. Variant: arrowitaːd.

absaːdaː   v. recover from illness; relish.

absaːdaːn   n. recovery.

absaːtud   v. nudge. Variant: assaːtud.

absiːʝeːŋ   v. disarm. Variant: assiːʝeːŋ.

absəroŋdaːeːmən   n. refreshments.

abtamtaŋ   v. cut a groove.

abtodtod   v. ignore.

abtuŋaːr   v. halve; break; cut in the middle; obstruct abruptly.

abtuŋtuŋ   adv. outright; suddenly.

abtuŋʝoːŋ   adv. openly; impartially.

abukkaː   v:tr. accustom; tame; familiarise.

abuŋ   interj. expression of anger. Variant: buŋ.

abuːn   n. species of red ants living on the trees. Variant: abulaːn.

abəni   v:tr. distil spirits.

abənipadən   n. pot in which vapour is condensed.

abəriʝ   v. move fast (causative); push onward; advance; drive on.

abəsɪr   v. cause to heal.

abəsuçum   v. take pity. Variant: abasuːçʊm.

abəsuçum   interj. pity.

abʝidʝid   v. affix; attach; gum.

abʝoŋʝoŋ   v. equalize; compare; adapt; measure exactly.

abʝʔuːn   v. reach; present; place within reach; hand something to another.

abːalaː   interj. very much.

ad   v:tr; v:intr. support; prop something so that it may not fall; drive; be caught; be entangled.

ad   n. egg (combining form).

adaʝ̥   v. adjure; swear.

adaŋbuː   n. honey bee; bee. Variant: adaŋbuːʔ.

adaŋən   n. kite.

adaŋən   n. species of kite. Variant: aŋən.

adaŋən   n. bee-hive. Variant: ədaŋ; ədaːŋən; adaŋsuːŋən.

adasaː   adj; v. lazy; being lazy. Variant: adasaːdəm; adasaːdəmənə.

adaːr   v:tr. press out; squeeze.

adaːrsidən   n. moistened flour of raggee seeds.

addaboːŋən   n. water in which the flesh of the buffalo has been cooked. Variant: ədaːboːŋən.

addaːn   n. measure; one-fourth of maːdiɲən.

adde   v. take possession of; inherit; give possession of; transfer property.

addennaːn   conj; part. well then. Variant: addennaːŋ.

addiŋaiŋ   v. delay; tarry.

addiyaːn   n. name of a man born on Sunday. Variant: adçaːn.

addiyaːraːn   n. Sunday.

addiːn   n. name of a woman born on Sunday.

addur   v. celebrate the harvest festival. Variant: adur.

addurən   n. harvest festival. Variant: adur; ədur; addur.

addusaː   v. blame; accuse; convict; attribute evil intention to someone; hold one responsible for something. Variant: addusaːabdʊsa.

addəbar   part. well then; if it be so; however. Variant: adəbar.

adeŋgumdaːn   n. species of insect that flits about in the air during the rainy season.

adergumən   n. shower of hail stones; second shower shortly after the cessation of first shower. Variant: arelgumən.

adeyimʝiŋən   n. species of tree called gulli in Telugu.

adeːyinʝən   n. small mat made of bamboo strips.

adiŋgiːmar   n. eunuch; impotent man.

adod   v:intr. miss; lose. Variant: ədod.

adoːŋ   adj. pure; unmixed.

adoːŋsaː   v:intr. stray.

adreːŋ   adv. already; a while ago; by that time. Variant: anreːŋ; andreŋ.

adub   n. milk; juice. Variant: ədub.

adubdaːn   n. buttermilk.

adubʝin   n. milk-teeth.

adur   v. perform the ceremony and celebrate the harvest fest; flee; abscond.

aduː   v. approach; reach; arrive.

aduːaːlən   n. time to reach the clearing on the hill prepared for cultivation i e 8 a m.

aduːsuːŋ   v:intr. reach home.

adəbgaːyən   n. species of edible tuber.

adəm   adj. close at hand; near.

adəmadəm   adv. side by side; along. Variant: adəmadəm.

adəmbaːn   postp. at; with; near; by.

adəputtaːn   n. chicken pox. Variant: ədəputtuːn.

aeːŋən   n. stomach of birds. Variant: aːeŋən; asaːeŋən.

aggadaː   adj; adv. much excessive; much time.

aggaː   v. drink (causative); eat liquid food (causative); feed; give liquor to drinj.

aggudiʝ̥   v. forfeit or lose the wager.

aggudiːyaːm   n. arrow without the blade.

aggulsiː   v. beckon. Variant: agulsiː; igulsiː; aggowilaŋ.

agguwi   interj. expression of impatience. Variant: aguwi.

-ai   gram. cislocative.

aiggoːl   v:tr. make a gesture; beckon; wave the hand.

aindəm   adj. much; abundant; very. Variant: aiɲdəm; aɲəndəm.

ainten   adv. thenceforward; from that time.

aɪyu   adv. towards.

açeːdaː   n. cold water; unboiled water.

açəm   n; v:intr. time; long time; be late. Variant: aiyəm.

-aj   mod. completion. Variant: -aːj.

ajaɽid   adj. true.

ajaɽij   adv. really.

akadiːn   n. loan without interest.

akkab   v:tr. fix; attach; join. Variant: abkab.

akkad   v:tr; v:intr. catch; be caught; be entangled.

akkarraːn   adv. forcibly; loudly.

akkaːraːn   n. need; concern.

akkeːmarən   n. cripple; invalid.

akkoːn   n. right; ownership.

akkud   v. lift up; take away.

akoːl   v:tr. clasp; hook; button; pull with a hooked stick.

akulən   n. niche; section in a box. Variant: əkul.

akuːn   n. sugarcane.

al   v:tr. bend; crush; pluck; break; swear.

al   n. clearing on field (combining form).

alaːŋən   n. jungle grass used as thatch. Variant: əlaːŋən; aːləŋən.

alaːn   n; adj; adv; v:intr. much; be much.

alaːʝaːŋ   v:intr. set out for jungle.

albad   v. seek the protection.

albadɪ   v. compete; contend with one another.

albehab   v. be confused.

alber   v. converse.

albəneːrən   n. conversation; debate; dispute.

aldiŋ   v. be broken.

aldiŋ   v. pull one another.

aldiŋʝeŋge   v. break each others legs.

aldub   v. wrench the neck; break the waist.

ale   n. tail. Variant: alan; əlaː.

alen   v. thrash or separate grain by treading with ones feet.

algadi   n; v:intr. alliance; friendship; become friends; associate. Variant: argadi.

algʊŋalgʊŋ   v. compete with one another; vie with one another.

ali   n. liquor.

alkalla   v:intr. be astonished; be dumb-founded.

alkaɲkaɲ   v. abuse one another.

alkaɲkaɲən   n. altercation.

alkin   v. be sprained.

alkindʊŋkindʊŋ   adv. back to back.

alkoːraberber   v. exchange hard words.

allaːi   adj; adv. all; entirely.

allaːŋən   n. one of the Sora deities.

allaːraː   n. mischief; annoyance; vexation.

allemer   v:tr. melt.

alloloː   v. employ labourers; rake the clearing with hoes. Variant: ablolo.

almad   v. shade ones eyes so that they may not be affected by the glare; concentrate ones vision.

almaçoːŋmaçoːŋ   adv. abreast.

almode   v. fight with one another.

aloːnənʝɪ   n. father and sons.

alpadded   v. quarrel with one another.

alpaːdupaːduːle   adv. by turns; alternately.

alrode   v. quarrel; dispute with one another.

alrundaŋrundaŋ   v. pushing one another; jostling; encountering; crowding out in disorder.

alsadmoŋsadmoŋ   v. elude one another; vie with someone; outmarch one another.

alsuŋ   v:tr. thatch a house.

alsuː   v. fight; wage war.

aluʔd   n. ear.

aluː   v. throw out in order to cast off an evil.

alʝadiːte   adv. truly.

-am   pers. second-person singular (object). Variant: -əm; -om.

amam   v:tr. skim; pass over the surface.

ambaseː   v; adj. select; good.

ambaːsoːdaː   n. mango pulp.

ambeɲ   pron. second-person plural (pronoun); you (plural). Variant: əmbeːn; amben; ambeːn; ambɪn.

amboç   v:tr. rub gently; dust; stroke; bribe.

ambowibənumpudən   n. variety of mushroom.

ambuliːn   n. dried slices of mango fruit.

ambənattarraːʝən   n. fermented flour.

ambəsuːn   n. ulcer; abscess. Variant: əmbasuːn.

amdaŋ   n; v. hear; listen. Variant: andaŋ; əmdəŋ.

ameneːbən   n. timber tree (kind of).

amidap   adv. not at all.

ammadda   v. observe well; examine; recognize; recollect. Variant: ammad.

ammamaː   v. drive on as a horse or an ox; throw down on ones face.

ammaŋ   v:intr. go ahead.

ammanneː   n. unconsciousness.

ammaːsaːl   v:tr. rouse one from the effect of intoxication. Variant: ammadsal.

ammeːle   postp. for; to; about; on account of; in order to; for the sake of; owing to. Variant: əmmeːle; əmele.

ammoːn   interj. you see; indeed.

amməreːleː   adv. nicely; in an attractive manner.

ampənuŋlaːrsiːnəmanraːn   n. man with a hand which has marks spread out.

ampəra   adv. together with; besides. Variant: ampra.

amədowi   adv. not at all; nothing whatever. Variant: amədoɲ; əmadowi.

amən   pron. second-person singular (pronoun); you. Variant: amə; amən; amin; aman; ʔamɪn; amɪn.

   n. fire wood (combining form).

   n. fuel (combining form).

aŋaːn   adv. when.

aŋaːnaŋaːn   adv. sometimes; now and then; occasionally.

aŋaːnteyaŋante   adv. whenever.

aŋaːseroːŋ   adv. when.

aŋel   n. fuel. Variant: aŋələn; aŋən.

aŋeːb̥daː   v. yawn.

aŋgaitaːn   n. moonlight. Variant: əŋgaːitaːn.

aŋgaʝ   n. moon. Variant: aŋgaʝən; aŋgai; əŋgaʝən.

aŋgeːmən   n. fire pot; portable furnace; portable oven.

aŋgub̥   v:tr. cause to be swallowed; throw into the mouth.

aŋgulli   v:tr. bind up the upper cloth so as to form a pocket for leaves.

aŋgur   v. toss up.

aŋgʊŋ   v:tr. cause to fall.

aŋɪʝʝaː   adv. at any time. Variant: aŋowiʝaː.

aŋkowilaːʝaːdən   n. snake (kind of).

aŋkowilnebən   n. tree (kind of); Alangium Hexapetalam. Variant: aŋkollaːnebən.

aŋmad   v. open the eyes.

aŋnur   v:tr. smell.

aŋsʊddəm   v. tuck up.

aŋtain   v. open the mouth.

aŋədraːn   n. she-buffalo; she-goat; cow; hen.

aŋələn   n. fire wood.

aŋːdaːlaː   v:tr. increase.

aɲaːd   v. evaporate; be absorbed; be dried up.

aɲeːmoːn   adv. too much; unexpectedly.

aɲiːd   v. be exhausted; be over; be finished.

aɲiːten   adv. afterwards.

aɲɲadəmmoːn   adv. suddenly. Variant: aɲɲadəbmoːn; aɲɲemoːn.

aɲɲamɲamən   n. ceremony of giving a baby a name.

aɲɲiːd   v. bring to a close; exhaust.

aɲɲum   v:intr. urinate. Variant: aɲum.

aɲɲumboʝən   n. woman's urine. Variant: aɲumboʝən.

aɲɲumən   n. urine. Variant: aɲumən; əɲumən.

aɲumraːgen   n. torrent of rain.

aɲurɲer   n. cough.

aɲʝaː   adj. barren. Variant: anʝaː.

anabbiço   n; adv. next day. Variant: anəbbiyo.

anam   v:intr. fast.

anammadənəbitti   n. any property that is kept as a keepsake.

anaɲidənə   adj. endless.

anarren   adj. false.

anaːsaːr   n; adj; v. ambition; ambitious; be ambitious.

anbənaːrtiki   adv. afterwards.

anbənʊm   adj. joined; attached.

andaŋ   v. hear. Variant: amdaŋ; əmdən.

ander   v:tr; v:intr. set against something for support; lean against.

andid   v:intr; v:tr. play.

andidakkaːn   n. anklet. Variant: andudokkaːn; andədʊkkən; andodokkaːn.

andidsɪŋən   n. dancing.

andiːn   n. sports; games. Variant: andidən.

andiːnaːn   n. play; game. Variant: adidnaːn.

andrid   adv. gently; little by little. Variant: anrid; andridandrid.

androwiʝaːŋən   n. one of the ribs.

anduŋ   v. let out.

andəkeːran   n. one who kidnaps persons for human sacrifice.

andəraːʝən   n. brinjal fruit.

angənadsad   adj. agreed upon; settled.

angənadsarən   n. paddy that has been reaped.

anilaʝən   n. groins. Variant: anilaːʝeːŋən.

anilimboŋən   n. paddy heaped on the threshing floor. Variant: anilimboŋeserən.

anim   n. name. Variant: əɲamən; aɲɲamən.

aniŋ   n. sling in which pots are put or carried. Variant: əniŋ.

anin   pron. third-person singular (pronoun); he; she; it. Variant: anin; anɪn; aniŋ.

anisum   v. hate; dislike.

anisumən   n. hatred.

anɪnji   pron. third-person plural (pronoun); they. Variant: aninj; aninʝi; aɪnji; aɪnjiy; anɪnjiy.

anɪːmən   n. feeling; sensation.

anjeŋ   v. stride proudly.

anlen   pron. first-person plural (pronoun); we. Variant: ənlɛn; ənlen; anlɛn; allen; aɭɭɪn; aɭɭen.

anɲadarkuːlən   n. boiled rice.

annaŋ   n. day.

annaːdiːn   n. foot-print. Variant: ənaːdiːn.

anneŋ   adv. while.

annəŋ   adv. during.

anobseŋberboːʝən   n. coquette.

anobseŋberən   n. innuendo.

anobsowimarənʝi   n. jugglers.

anodeŋgabən   n. knot.

anodoːŋaːn   n. hollow behind the neck.

anokanokkaːdən   n. wooden bolt (kind of).

anonoŋ   v. construct steps.

anonoŋən   n. ground sill.

anopuŋber   n. spoken word.

anorən   n. furrow.

anoːlaʝən   n. exchange.

anridanrid   adv. little by little.

anrid̥tid̥anrid̥tid̥   adj. very little.

ansiː   v. swing the hands while walking; walk proudly. Variant: absi; assi.

ansiːmarən   n. proud man.

anson   pron. third-person singular (reflexive pronoun); himself; herself; itself.

ansowi   adj; adv. alone; lonely; at least. Variant: ansoːn; ənsowi; ənsoːn; ətaŋsoːn.

ansənab   adj. pared.

ansənabʝa   adj. prepared; manufactured.

ansənabʝaːtuŋən   n. idol of the deity.

ansənarpʊːn   n. cake or bread (kind of).

ansənaːn   n. estimate of crops.

ansəniːbdaʝ   v. be decided; be settled.

ansənunidaŋən   n. defiled pot.

ansərɪŋ   postp. then; afterwards from that time. Variant: ənsəriŋ; ənseriŋ; sriŋ.

antedeːn   postp. if so; then.

antedoːŋ   part. nevertheless; on the other hand. Variant: antədoŋ.

antoklaːmarən   n. one who speaks humorously; jester; buffoon.

antuŋ   v:tr. finish; complete; accomplish. Variant: omtuŋ.

antəlai   n. fathers elder brothers wife.

antənaːluː   n. hair which is left unshaven on a boy's head.

antənaːrin   n. string of a guitar; string of a string instrument.

antənuŋdaːkuːlən   n. morning meal.

anuddumən   n. liquor that is distilled at the commencement. Variant: anumudən.

anudid   adj. rolled into a ball.

anudidlaːçən   n. ball of fried rice.

anudilloːn   n. clay balls or bullets with which birds are shot.

anəbiço   adv; n. next day; day after tomorrow. Variant: anabbiyo.

anəbludən   n. cursed wretch.

anəbtiki   adv. at last; afterwards. Variant: anabtiki.

anəgaːdkun   n. sharpened knife.

anəgrub   n. small box.

anəŋgatidluːdən   n. cords of a sling.

anəŋgatidən   n. sling with which stones are thrown.

anəsuːdaːn   n. onions.

anʝaːmarən   n. barren man.

anʝenaːlreːn   n. medicine (electuary) to be licked.

anʝeːŋ   v. walk.

anʝiboʝən   n. barren woman.

apai   v. send.

apeːŋ   v. float; go adrift.

appadeː   v:tr. think; infer; conclude; suppose.

appadeːdəm   v:intr. feel; form an opinion.

appan   v:tr. pull out.

appaːdeçem   adv. in a suffocating manner.

appintu   v. blame (causative); accuse to blame; defame.

appud   v:intr. intercede; mediate.

apputaːr   v. bore a hole.

apsaŋʝeːlən   n. gall-bladder. Variant: apsaŋən.

apseː   v. make; do.

apsuːʝ   v. show. Variant: attuːʝ; aptuːʝ.

ar   n. monkey (combining form).

ar   n. stone (Combining form).

ar-   gram. reciprocal.

ara   n. tree. Variant: aɽnaɖoŋ.

arainebən   n. tree (kind of).

arbur   v. abandon.

arbuːn   n. scaly ant-eater like armadillo.

arbuːsaŋən   n. door with shutters.

ardaː   v:tr. ladle water; strain water with a strainer.

areŋən   n. stone. Variant: arən; aɽeŋ.

areːlən   n. hailstone.

areːŋ   adj. stony.

areːŋreːŋ   adj. useless; trifling; rocky; full of stones.

areːŋən   n. stone; milestone.

areːsaːsiʝən   n. very young baby. Variant: arresaːpiʝən.

argadiːtʊːdən   n. burning the dry wood in the clearing prepared for cultivation on the slope of a hill.

argaldaː   v. feel thirsty.

arged   adj. straddling.

argedloge   adv; v:intr. straddle; in a straddling manner.

argo   v:intr. have a hoarse throat; have a hoarse voice.

arid̥tid̥daŋ   n. small piece of something; a little of something.

arid̥tubdəm   adj. small.

ariʝ̥   v:intr. walk fast.

arinsəloːn   n. woman(only used in songs). Variant: insəloːn.

ariːd̥   adj. small; little; slight; a bit. Variant: aʝid̥.

armodən   n. cobwebs on the wall. Variant: arəmodən.

aroggembaːlən   n. flint-lock-gun.

aromad   v. meddle.

aroŋraːŋ   adv. across; cross-wise; horizontally.

arowiaŋən   n. dry logs that will serve as fuel.

arpaːd   v:intr. unfold; straddle.

arpaːdʝeːŋ   adj; adv; v. astride.

arrabadrab   v. be unable. Variant: arrab.

arram   v:tr. collect and heap up he weeds and underwood.

arraŋ   v. scrape the tongue.

arrapeʝ̥   v:tr. rape (causative); tear.

arrarraʝ̥   v:tr. break into pieces (causative).

arrarraːn   adv. tightly.

arraː   v:intr. become unfruital.

arraːd   v. sit astride; stretch legs apart. Variant: arpaːd.

arraːdʝeːŋ   v; adj. sit down on the ground with the legs stretched out.

arraːn   adj. barren; sterile.

arraːʝoːnən   n. fruit (kind of) called the lady's finger.

arre   v:intr. lay eggs.

arre   v. colour; apply some sort of dye; decorate. Variant: abre.

arremadən   n. eyeball.

arretaŋkaːn   n. counterfeit; coin.

arreːdən   n. parrots (a variety very small in size). Variant: ərreːdən.

arreːkadən   n. testicle.

arreːn   n. eggs; spawn. Variant: adreːn.

arreːn   n. egg. Variant: ʔadresim.

arreːoːlən   n. tinsel.

arreːsaːoːnən   n. new born baby.

arreːyiːn   n. nits; lice.

arriʝ   v:tr. make one walk fast; gallop.

arroŋ   v. take together. Variant: arrʊːŋ.

arroŋ   adv. just now; a short while ago.

arroŋʊliːmən   n. crowing of cock announcing its maturity.

arroːŋdaŋgadiː   n. prime of life; girl that has recently attained puberty.

arroːŋpurbaːn   adj. primal.

arruŋ   v. bring back; drive homewards.

arruŋaː   v. drive away.

arsid̥soːr   propn. Soras living near Rayagada.

arsiːbaːn   propn. Sora deity.

arsiːn   n. baboon.

arsiːn   n. monkey. Variant: aɽsi; arsi.

artanəneːbən   n. timber tree.

artaːn   n. rope; thong.

arteŋʝaːdən   n. snake (kind of).

artiːn   adv. knowingly.

artʊdən   n. match.

aruən   propn. Tamilian.

arəɪmən   n. organ of feeling; means of sensing.

arəŋ   adj; v:intr. pungent; acid; be pungent.

arəŋgaːn   n. raised seat against the wall in a room; platform with an umbrella-shaped roof where the priest is seated or offerings are deposited.

arʝoːd̥   adv. always; often.

asaŋ   adj. of raw taste.

asaŋgeːn   adv. for nothing; in vain; without cause.

asaŋçeːmən   n. acid belching; grudge; envy.

asaŋən   n. acerbity.

asar   adj; v:intr. dry.

asaː   v:tr. refuse.

aseːn   n. boiled grains of rice.

assaːneːn   adj. which does not yield to the plough or hoe.

assidgaːʝən   n. month when ragee is reaped (October).

assirsaːr   v. cause water to syringe.

assoːlaː   v. cast an evil eye; curse.

assəjem   v. appease; console. Variant: absəçem.

assʔeːŋ   v:tr. render hard service.

assʔoːr   v. cause something to boil.

asu   v:intr. abate; be reduced.

asub   v; adj. cut; sharp. Variant: əsub.

asuwi   adj. a few; some. Variant: əsuː; asuːn.

asuː   v. hurt.

asuːdaː   v. be ill; feel pain.

asuːn   n. illness; pain; fever. Variant: əsuːn.

-ata   gram. non-finite simultaneous; non-finite durative.

atal   v. spread and level.

-ate   gram. participle.

attadeːn   adv. otherwise.

-ay   pers. first-person singular (subject). Variant: -ey; -e; -ai; -iy.

-ay   pers. first-person plural (subject, second part of circumfix). Variant: -be; -biy; -biʔ.

-aʔ   mod. imperative. Variant: -aʔlə; -ʔlə; ; -a.

aʔaːd   v:intr. wait; stop.

aʔaːmən   n. arrow; spine of a porcupine.

aʔaːɲ   adv. no; not so.

   v:tr. stir; scratch.

aʝaŋ   v:tr. stir fuel in the oven.

aʝaːi   v. turn or rub with a slender stick in the ear-passage.

aʝaːrʝaːrən   n. fibrous part of the fruit of the palm tree.

aʝid̥tid̥daŋənə   adj. small-sized.

aʝʝaŋ   v. be dry.

aʝʝid   v:tr. stick; glue; make a thing adhere. Variant: abʝid; ji.

aʝʝiːn   v:tr. make a liquid freeze or cold.

aːb   v:tr. open.

aːdeyaːde   v. be separated.

aːdeː   interj. expression of emphasis.

aːdudu   v. shout cheers. Variant: addur.

aːgam   n. funeral ceremony.

aːi   v; interj. auxiliary; expression of impatience.

aːleŋən   n. non-Soras.

aːləŋ   v:tr. thatch.

aːm   v:tr. reduce; love; fast.

aːm   n. blood (combining form); arrow (combining form); spine of a porcupine (combining form).

aːŋgiːn   n. battle axe.

aːɲ   interj. expression of disapproval.

aːɲiyə   pron. which; whatever; what; whichever.

aːndraːn   n. spindle. Variant: aːnraːn; andraŋən.

aːpaddaːn   n. disappearance.

aːpiːsuːn   n. office.

aːptid   v. fling; throw away.

aːsaː   n; adj. ambition; ambitious.

aːti   n. elephant.

aːyin   n. younger sister. Variant: aːyiŋ.

aːyɪm   v:tr. think of. Variant: ayʊm.

aːyyeŋyeŋriŋ   n. whiff of breeze.